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Nature’s Tradition


Leidy’s is proud to introduce the new Nature’s Tradition

An artisanal line of specialty pork, which offers all the attributes and qualities that discerning retailers and consumers are looking for: humanely raised, fresh, juicy pork made in small batches from premium Duroc heritage hogs. 

Duroc Pork

We’re among the few processors in the US that offer premium Duroc heritage pork, recognized around the world for its authentic flavor, juicy tenderness and versatility.

Our Duroc hogs are cared for by local farm families

And fed an all-natural, all-grain diet, developed by Leidy’s. Our promise: no artificial ingredients, no hormones, and no antibiotics ever.

Duroc pork from Leidy’s is simply the best. 


“Our Nature’s Tradition program is built on select Duroc genetics and a proprietary feed program aimed at producing ruby red pork with a higher level of marbling. Coupled with our animal care protocols, these aspects of our program, deliver tenderness that you don’t get from ordinary commodity pork.”

Chris Mulder | CEO Leidy’s

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