About Us


Since 1893, Leidy’s has been providing delicious, natural pork

to discerning meat purveyors, creative chefs, seasoned pit masters and conscientious consumers who demand the best quality. Over the years, and across five generations, we have grown and perfected our craft.

Today, Leidy’s is a highly respected producer of premium, delicious pork products, hand crafted to meet the needs of our customers and supply chain partners. We provide differentiated solutions – custom, specialty meat products and innovative, value-added services that others cannot, or will not, provide.

All of our animals are humanely raised by local farm families and fed an all-natural, all-grain diet developed by Leidy’s. We promise no artificial ingredients.

We produce the best products, authentically and with transparency.

In Leidy’s safe, modern facilities we authentically produce the best products with maximum transparency. Our knowledge of the market, willingness to take on the tough jobs, and our obsessive attention to detail sets us apart from other pork producers. We also offer exceptional customer service.

For those who refuse to compromise, they can depend on Leidy’s for the best quality and taste.